There’s an App for that!


College students now are definitely a technology-oriented generation and to keep up with the demanding workload, the following applications are a few suggested tools to cut down on the smaller tasks, so you can focus more on the bigger tasks. If you want to coordinate your social media into a streamlined automation, there’s an app for that! If you want fast solutions for time consuming tasks like citing, there’s an app for that! If you direly need focused study time, there’s an app for that!

  1. Mathway
    This handy app is like Wolfram Alpha in your pocket! Mathway can be used in calculus, statistics, chemistry and even linear algebra. Step-by-step instructions and explanations are available, and it can even work without network access. Available for iOS, Android
  2. IFTTT 
    Uploading to multiple social networking sites can take forever; this app lets you capture and upload to all your favorite social media outlets with the touch of a button. If This Then That is an innovative, up-and-coming app that allows you to create “recipes” between “channels” like Instagram and Facebook. You first choose an event (e.g., “I upload a picture on Instagram”) that will trigger an action (e.g., “upload picture on Facebook”). Now everyone can appreciate your selfies! Available for iOS, Android
  3. Molecules
    For chemistry enthusiasts, Molecule is a fun app in which you can view a 3D ball-and-stick model of any molecule. Just touch and drag around to view it from all sides or to zoom in and out. For those who want more, you can also download other models from PubChem or the Protein Data Bank within the app. Available for iOS
  4. Dropbox
    Accidents happen. A presentation that you pulled an all-nighter to finish can be accidentally deleted or maybe you cannot meet up with your classmates for that group project. Simply back up and save your important documents to Dropbox. You can share whichever documents you choose and non-Dropbox users can access them too. Available for iOS, Android
  5. TED
    Technology and ideas are advancing quickly and, to be successful in life, students should be up-to-date on the latest news. If you want to keep up with leading experts in business, medicine and technology, download TED. This app even features a search option for videos in different languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Creole and much more. Available for iOS, Android
  6. Evernote
    Evernote takes paper post-it notes and digitizes them so you can remember everything across all your devices. Some key features include options to tag notes for easier searches, scan business cards, and share notes with classmates and friends. Available for iOS, Android
  7. SelfControl
    Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube and a long list of other distracting websites grace your screens. Try SelfControl. Once you download this app onto your device you can add sites and mail servers onto a list that will be blocked for a period of time that you set. Even if you delete the application or restart the device, you will still be blocked from the sites you have added onto the list until the timer is finished. Available for iOS, Mac
  8. Acorn App
    College students nowadays just don’t have time to remember the little things, especially with that chemistry exam tomorrow or that big performance tonight. Try Acorn, a location-based reminder app, in which you create acorns (the reminders) and drop them at chosen locations. Then when you are nearby, a notification will pop up. Acorns can also be dropped to specifically remind friends and family. Available for iOS, Location Services necessary
  9. RefMe
    You’ve done your literature search for biology lab but you forgot to include the citation of the research paper. RefMe creates bibliographies, citations and reference lists in any of its 6,500 referencing formats, including APA and MLA. Other features include a 1-click search option to quickly reference journal articles or book titles without having to gather all the information yourself. It even includes an email and Evernote export option. Available for iOS, Android
  10. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal
    Trying to eat healthy and maintain your weight in college is a struggle. This diet tracker has the largest food database with over 40,000 foods and an easy-to-use calorie counter. This app gives you the option to diet with your friends too, so you can support each other through your weight loss journey. Available for iOS, Android

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